Our Team Members

Robert is the Director and Project Coordinator at Biggestleaf Media. His passion for business led him to obtain a degree from the IMM Graduate School of Marketing and through his entrepreneurial ventures he has acquired an in-depth understanding of business. In 2009 Robert founded Biggestleaf to combine his knowledge and experience of business with his love of Africa and desire to showcase the wonders this continent has to offer, to the world. His favourite travel destinations are South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia and his trusty camera is never far from his side. He says going to work in the morning is never a problem, when his business is also his favourite pastime.
JulianMarketing Manager
One of the newest members to the Biggestleaf Media is our Marketing Manager, Julian Kovar. Austrian by nationality, but born in Japan, Julian’s no stranger to the lengthy line at passport control. He’s spent time in Singapore, China, Germany and Austria and has experienced many other parts of the world. “I’m passionate about travelling – it’s been a huge part of my life since I was young, I love the unpredictability that comes with experiencing new cultures and various environments”, says Julian. In 2010 this wander-by-nature decided to move to South Africa to complete his studies at the University of Pretoria – his chosen niche: Marketing & Business Management. He went on to specialise in online marketing, by completing his Honours and Master’s degrees in his chosen field. Julian’s expertise ranges from web design, to social media marketing, online advertising and traditional media. Not to mention PR, brand building and print media. Julian is passionate about South Africa and its beautiful natural offerings, he is passionate about contributing to the fight of preserving our wildlife and natural spaces.
SimonDesigner & Developer
Simon is Biggestleaf Media’s resident Web Developer, Designer and Photographer. Having worked in IT and with a passion for design, Simon joined the Biggestleaf Media team in 2009 to combine his technical expertise with his creative interests. Over the past 5 years Simon has developed a keen eye and attention to detail so that the websites he builds not only look the part, but they are also functional and easy to use. He is a keen traveller, having visited many of South Africa’s national parks, where he puts his photographic skills to work. Simon says his favourite park is the Kruger National Park as it is where he first really discovered Africa.
BruceVideo Producer
Bruce Young heads up the video production team at Biggestleaf Media. He conceptualises, writes and directs all videos produced by the team. Story is Bruce’s passion and he weaves it into all his work. He has spent over 30 years in the film business and his most recent success as writer-director was the powerful award-winning documentary Blood Lions that exposed canned hunting in South Africa. Bruce began his film career working as an actor in SA and the USA, appearing in features like Lethal Weapon and Slaves of New York. After a stint in production in Los Angeles, Bruce’s longing for Africa brought him back home where he co-started AFDA, SA’s biggest film and drama school. Bruce also established himself as a local screenwriter, writing scripts for a range of film genres and styles including feature films, television dramas, sitcoms and natural history documentaries. Bruce’s love of the bush is well met at Biggestleaf, where he can share his passion and help make a difference alongside this young, dynamic team.
BekiJunior Video Editor
Beki is Biggestleaf Media’s newest team member and resident Junior Video Editor. He is a budding filmmaker, a screenplay writer and D.O.P (Director of photography). Beki graduated with BA Film & Media Studies majoring in screenwriting and directing. He has over 3 years of experience in pre-production; production and post production and has worked on the film The Forgiven and numerous other commercial. Beki loves to travel and do cultural exchanges around the world.
MariskaJunior Project Manager
One of the newest editions to the team, Mariska joins us as our Junior Content Writer. From a young age Mariska had the amazing opportunity to travel through much of South Africa, experiencing its beauty and culture – further inspiring her sheer passion for travel and for her country. Driven by this passion she obtained a qualification in Journalism and Digital Media and aims to use this to achieve her dreams of travel, writing and inspiring others. She has visited some of the most beautiful and well-known destinations in South Africa, like God’s Window and the Tsitsikamma National Park, and has used these opportunities to live life to the fullest. From jumping off a bridge at Bloukrans Bungy, to scuba-diving in the vibrant ocean of Sodwana Bay, Mariska strives to gain more knowledge and admiration for this fascinating country we get to call home. When she is not busy planning the next adventure, you’ll find her roaming the mountains and hiking trails of Cape Town – breathing in the sublimity of Mother Nature.
NickSenior developer
AneleSenior Developer
Anele completed a successful stint studying Information Technology & Computer Science at False Bay College and followed that by studying Information Technology in Applications Development at Cape Peninsula University. He was drawn to this industry after discovering a passion for computers, applications and technology back in his high-school days. With Biggestleaf – Anele aims to better his skills as a developer, become a senior developer and share his skills and knowledge with others. Anele believes that through IT and technology as a whole – we can create solutions and make people’s lives easier by use of technology. To inspire people and shape a better future for his children. If not deep in creative thought at his desk, you can find Anele spending time with my family or friends, or sporting around the boxing ring.
MatthewSearch Marketing Specialist
I have a great passion for travel and have been lucky enough to visit many places throughout South Africa, Canada and Europe, even finding myself living in Barcelona for a year. Having family all around the world has given me insight into many different ways of life and I’m always keen to discover more. I graduated from UCT with a degree in Politics and Digital Media and have worked in a variety of different industries, from publishing to NGOs and eventually, travel. Along the way I picked up as many skills as I could as I believe that a diverse skill set is vital to remain relevant in the digital era. When I’m not looking at SEO reports and setting up Google Ads, you can probably find me at the beach, surfing or practicing my photography.

Our Social Responsibility

Our team regularly produces innovative and creative videos for local NGO groups ensuring their ability to reach their community and achieve their goals of contributing to the broader wellbeing of society.

This work is driven by our desire to remain involved in our community and give back wherever possible. This builds our long-term value as a company and helps us look beyond short-term numbers.

Creating a culture of social awareness within our company has given us a reputation that we are proud of.


Documentary film used on a wide range of platforms is the most powerful way to educate, raise awareness or drive a campaign for change. From short form to feature length we have the experience and passion to tell your story in a way that makes it relevant and accessible to your market.

Biggestleaf producer Bruce Young, who co-directed and wrote the highly successful campaign film Blood Lions will help you put your story on screen.

If you have a story, a cause, an issue to bring to the world – contact us. We want to be your first audience.

When people tell their stories to each other and are seen and heard:

  • Magic happens
  • People bond
  • Barriers dissolve
  • Connections are made
  • Trust increases
  • Knowledge is spread
  • Wisdom is shared
  • A common language is spoken